For 20 years Joy has been sharing her Spirit Healing Sessions with individuals by word of mouth. Now, she has received a strong message that people need this more than ever.

We need an escape from repeated patterns, we need to release the inner struggle. It is time to change your perception, release energetic blocks and disruptors, don't look back, your new now awaits!

Let's optimize your wake-up, surprise yourself and see beauty everywhere, consider new possibilities, potential and divine experiences to enhance your over all state of being, physically, mentally , emotionally and spiritually .

Sharing this work has become my full time commitment.

Sessions are available in person or Zoom
60 minutes $108

Your session may include:
*verbal interaction
*oracle reading
*sacred smudging
*energy healing
*aura cleansing
*crystal grids
*sound toning and alignment
*guided breath
*guided meditation / yoga nidra
*merkaba meditation
*waves of love

Contact Joy @ 954-614-1937