Transpersonal Therapy with Joy

*Stress and Anxiety
*Mood and Behavior problems

*Guided Visualization
*Breath work
*Sound Therapy
*Aura Cleansing
*Reiki and Prayer

What Is Transpersonal Therapy?

The word "transpersonal" translates to beyond the person, beyond the self, beyond the physical realm. Transpersonal therapy is a type of therapy that focuses on the health of ones spirit. This type of therapy puts an emphasis on a persons spiritual path or spiritual enlightenment during ones life.

Physical health depends on healthy eating, regular exercise, good sleeping patterns and limiting alcohol and drug intake. Mental health depends on stress reduction techniques, talking about life's situations with an active listener. Active listening is a way of listening and responding to another person that improves mutual understanding. Spiritual health depends on tapping into what lies beyond the surface of our existence, through both ancient and modern holistic techniques to achieve inner peace and overall well being. Transpersonal Therapy will help you feel more balanced, whole and complete, mind, body and spirit.


Sessions are 60 and 90 minutes
60 minutes - $120
90 minutes - $150

Session packages are available

Joy holds a Masters in Metaphysical Sciences M.Sc.  I have been practicing, sharing and refining this practice for 11 years. It is my spiritual commitment to hold a safe, sacred space for you to relax and breathe with ease. We will work together to re create the union of your body, mind and spirit.